Public and Popular History

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What happens when history narratives are produced not for library bookshelves but for a mass audience? Does popularization of history automatically mean dumbing down? Who are the people who make history for the public sphere, and what are their motivations and priorities? The Public & Popular History seminar series brings them together, film makers, journalists, professional historians and museum curators. Through talks, multi-media presentations, panel discussions, and debates the seminar explores the practices and characteristics of public and popular history in the contemporary world.

Convenors: Helen McCarthy (hm234), Bernhard Fulda (bdf20) and David Reynolds (djr17) 

The Seminar is grateful for the generous support of the Trevelyan Fund.




Walking the Tightrope: Nation, History, Popularity - a conversation

with Tristram Hunt, Director of the V&A Museum
and Raphael Gross, Director of the German Historical Museum (Berlin)

Changing History's Iconography: exhibiting women's history in the Twenty-First Century

Rachel Crossley, East End Women's Museum
Ben Griffin, co-curator of the Cambridge's Rising Tide exhibition
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