Global Economic History

Seminar or event series

The Global Economic History Seminar began in April 2017. It is intended to showcase, and provide feedback, on papers that examine comparisons and connections between or across major world regions, and also to represent current research in different regions (including single-country papers). Each year we have four or five meetings, solely or mostly in first four or five weeks of the Easter term; in 2021, this means four meetings, all in May. People not physically in Cambridge are welcome to join us.

Note that to receive the Zoom link -- and the paper, if available -- you need to subscribe to the seminar email list; to do so, see under ‘At A Glance’, and please remember to give your first and last names and any institutional or company affiliation.

The convenors are grateful for the support of the G. M. Trevelyan Fund.



‘Democracy, Autocracy and Sovereign Debt: How Polity Influenced Country Risk in the First Financial Globalisation

Leonardo Weller (Escola de Economia de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Varga)
Coşkun Tuncer (University College London)

Capital and labor: Theoretical foundations of the economics of slavery

Erik Green (Lund University)
Igor Martins (Lund University)

Understanding Japan’s competitiveness in the global cotton market in the early 20th century

Janet Hunter (London School of Economics)

Mao's Steelworks: Industrial Manchuria and the Making of Chinese Socialism

Koji Hirata (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)
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Banner image: The Tata steel works at Jamshedpur. Source: the company website.