African Economic History

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The African Economic History Seminar began in January 2018; as far as we know, the only regular research seminar dedicated to the subject anywhere in the world (we would be delighted to be corrected!). The presenters illustrate the breadth of the field, in both subject and method. Each year we have four or five meetings, solely or mostly in the Lent term (mid-January to mid-March). Papers are often circulated for reading in advance, to people who commit to attending the seminar. The convenors are grateful for the support of the G. M. Trevelyan Fund.

The 2024 series will be hybrid. If you are in Cambridge, we would appreciate it if you come along in person! The Zoom link will be sent to everyone on the seminar mailing list. To subscribe, wherever you are in the world, please visit Whether online or in person, where possible, the speaker provides a paper in advance, which will be sent to those committing themselves to attending.

In Michaelmas term we participate in the Core Seminar in Economic and Social History



Michiel de Haas (University of Wageningen)

‘East African Grain Markets in Long-Run Perspective, c. 1900-2020’ (co-authored with Tom Westland, Ewout Frankema and Tanik Joshipura)

Eric Makombe (University of Zimbabwe)

‘Consumer Experiences in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe: Trends and Developments, 1980 to 2023’

Rebecca Simson (Oxford University/London School of Economics)

‘Elite Persistence in Sierra Leone: What Can Names Tell Us?’

Hélder Carvalhal (University of Manchester)

‘Living Standards in Angola, 1760-1960’ (co-authored with Nuno Palma)
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