Core seminar in economic and social history

Seminar or event series

Each seminar is followed by drinks and (usually) dinner with the speaker.

This seminar is a combination of nine seminar programmes:

  • Medieval economic and social history;
  • Early modern economic and social history;
  • Modern economic and social history;
  • Quantitative history;
  • Global Economic History
  • The Centre for Financial History;
  • The Centre for History and Economics;
  • The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure;
  • The Centre for Quantitative Economic History.

Their specialist seminar programmes do not run in Michaelmas term, but each meets separately again in Lent and (sometimes) Easter.

Seminar coordinators: , Hillary Taylor, Amy Erickson , and Leigh Shaw-Taylor

The core seminar is grateful for the support of Darwin College and for the generosity of the Trevelyan Fund.

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