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Sir Michael Howard, an official historian of WW2 intelligence, wrote in 1985: ‘So far as official government policy is concerned, the British security and intelligence services do not exist. Enemy agents are found under gooseberry bushes and intelligence is brought by the storks.’

Even the existence of SIS (MI6) was not officially admitted until 1992. Intelligence is still missing from much modern historiography. Even when present, the interpretation often suffers from Historical Attention-Span Deficit Disorder (HASDD). Edward Snowden’s sensational revelations of UKUSA signals intelligence SIGINT operations had a far smaller impact on 21st-century British government policy and public opinion than mid-19th-century revelations of the official interception of Mazzini’s correspondence.


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Next Virtual Seminars will include:

5-30 pm on Friday, 9 October 2020 (first Seminar next term)

Sir David Omand (first UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator as well as former Director GCHQ and Permanent Undersecretary Home Office) will talk about his forthcoming book, How  Spies Think: Ten Lessons in Intelligence


5-30 pm Friday 23 October

Edmund Fitton-Brown, widely-travelled Coordinator of UN sanctions on ISIL, Al-Qaida and the Taliban, and head of the UN equivalent of the UK’s JTAC (Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre), will talk about his work