Equality and Diversity

Image of four women holding awards

Faculty members celebrate the award of Royal History Society prizes

These pages, which serve to highlight the Faculty's ongoing commitment to equality, are a source of practical advice and information that will further the pursuit of equality and diversity in the Faculty.

The Athena SWAN Charter, launched in 2005, is a national scheme, which promotes equality and diversity in academia. The Charter is founded on six principles, including the requirement to change cultures and attitudes within organisations to tackle gender inequalities and discrimination of any kind to create a dynamic, inclusive culture at all levels and in every process. Cambridge holds a Silver Award and the History Faculty has received a Bronze Athena SWAN Award.

The Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee exists to monitor and coordinate the History Faculty’s performance in these areas, and drive positive change in the Faculty’s work. The committee provides liaison between the Faculty and EDI initiatives in the central university, other Faculties and Departments, the Student Union, BAME staff network and other bodies. It has oversight over reporting procedures and diversity in the curriculum, student body and hiring processes. It aims to build collective commitment to respect, inclusion and equalities amongst Faculty members at all levels. If you’d like to talk to anyone on the committee, please do contact the chair Carl Watkins (csw14@cam.ac.uk), postdoctoral representative, Pippa Carter (pgcb2@cam.ac.uk), the undergraduate representative Zainab Athumani (za297@cam.ac.uk) or the graduate representative Grace Whorrall-Campbell (gew33@cam.ac.uk).