Early Modern World History

Seminar or event series

This seminar grows out of the Comparative Social and Cultural History Seminar, founded in the 1980s by Peter Burke (Emeritus Professor of Cultural History) and the late Bob Scribner. In line with developments in scholarship, the seminar has evolved a more global approach to the early modern and often highlights new work on encounters and exchanges. Our programme usually includes a mixture of full-length papers given by distinguished speakers and roundtable events. We are especially keen to hear suggestions from our graduates of historians to invite and topics to discuss.

This research seminar is complemented by a workshop alternating week by week throughout the term.

In keeping with History Faculty policy, seminars will be held virtually at least until the end of 2020.
We hope to be able to return to physical meetings in 2021, at which tea and coffee will be served.
We are grateful for the support of the Trevelyan Fund.

Previous seminar podcasts on itunes.


Dr Melissa Calaresu

Dr Valentina Caldari

Professor Mary Laven

Dr William O'Reilly

Dr Helen Pfeifer

Dr Gabriela Ramos

Professor Ulinka Rublack



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Banner image: detail from The Prospect of Constantinople by Melchior Lorck