Medieval History

Seminar or event series

The Medieval History seminar brings together scholars of all career stages to hear papers on every area of medieval history from late antiquity to the fifteenth century. The seminar meets at 4pm on alternate Thursdays in the Faculty Board Room, and is usually followed by crisps and drinks in the Faculty Common Room (finishing around 6.30pm). 

Due to Covid-19, the Easter Term 2020 seminar was conducted 'virtually'. One paper from the session can be heard as a podcast:

Prof Jessalynn Bird, St Mary's Indiana, "The Grateful Dead: Crusade, Almsgiving, Purgatory and Indulgences for the Dead"

The seminar sessions in Lent Term 2021 will also take place in a virtual format, though it is hoped that sessions later in the year will be conducted as normal.; Information about signing in will be circulated to the mailing list prior to each meeting.



Professor Tessa Webber
Professor John Arnold
Dr Julie Barrau
Dr Andrew Spencer

and the whole medievalist collective



Historical culture in England around the year 1200: the case of Ralph de Diceto and the Abbreviationes Chronicorum

Prof. Björn Weiler, Aberystwyth University

Political structures and economic exchange in the Western Indian Ocean c. 200-800 CE

Dr Rebecca Darley, Birkbeck, University of London

Merovingian History and Carolingian Hagiography: The Life of Rigobert of Rheims Reconsidered

Dr Edward Roberts, University of Kent

Civic Culture in Late Medieval England and Ireland: Connections and Comparisons

Dr Eliza Hartrich, University of East Anglia