World History

Seminar or event series

The World History seminar is one of the oldest regular research seminars in the Cambridge history array, having its origins in the `Commonwealth and Overseas History Seminar'. The seminar was retitled `World History' in 2006 in recognition of changing intellectual interests and political contexts.

Our scope is very broad but begins from a commitment to places, ideas and people in the global South. In recent years we have featured contributions from around the globe with a particular focus on Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Oceania and the Caribbean. Post-graduates and World History faculty constitute the largest portion of our cohort, in particular students pursuing the MPhil in World History.

A student-led workshop often runs before the Thursday seminar. Drinks after, and the occasional meal out, means that the seminar is a congenial and lively place to meet up and exchange a range of ideas and information. A list of recent seminar-givers can be found in the Archive Downloads below.



Modern Transimperial History

Cyrus Schayegh (Geneva Graduate Institute)

Towards a Global History of Civil Wars: El Salvador

Jeremy Adelman (Cambridge)

Peter Pan Pachyderms? What a doomed experiment to reintroduce elephants taught us about animal cultures

Sandra Swart (Stellenbosch)
*This is a joint seminar with the Centre of History and Economics. Please note that it will be held in the Graham Storey Room in Trinity Hall at 5pm​

Lost Traditions of Republicanism in South Africa

Saul Dubow (Cambridge)

The ‘unwashed multitude’: Comparing colonial crowds in post-emancipation Jamaica and early twentieth-century Cape Town

Ruth Watson (Cambridge),

Interconnected Island Worlds: Iberians’ Encounters with the Austral Lands, 1511-1711

Steph Mawson (ICS, Universidade de Lisboa)

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