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Cambridge American History Seminar Easter Term 2021

In line with past practice, we are scheduling seminars for the first month of Easter Term only.  As the veterans of our seminar know, PhD Registration Assessment Exercises, MPhil dissertations, and exam marking occupy most of our attention once the end of May arrives. 

For May itself, however, we are pleased to announce two exciting seminars, one with Gary Younge and the other with Andrew Preston. Both seminars will be held online using Zoom. They will convene on Mondays at 5:00pm and go for 90 minutes.  Zoom login details for each seminar will be made available via email to the Cambridge Americanist email list a week before each event. 

All inquiries should be directed to Jonathan Goodwin,, 01223 335317.



'At Least We Don't Do That Here': How Europe (Mis)Understands Black America

Gary Younge, Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester, and former US Correspondent for The Guardian (2003-2015)

Book Launch: Andrew Preston, Elizabeth Borgwardt, and Christopher McKnight Nichols (eds.), Rethinking American Grand Strategy, (New York, NY: University of Oxford Press, 2021)

Andrew Preston, Professor of American History, and Fellow of Clare College, University of Cambridge
Commentator: Elisabeth Leake, University of Leeds

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Easter Term
Mondays at 5:00pm
Online: Zoom
Jonathan Goodwin
01223 335317