Early Modern Scholarship and Religion

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The Seminar in Early Modern Scholarship and Religion was founded in 2017 by Theodor Dunkelgrün, Kirsten Macfarlane and Tim Twining to provide a forum for new work in what has become one of the most creative and exciting subfields of Early Modern History. We have been keen to look at European and non-European contexts, separately and in their interaction, and we have run joint seminars with the Early Modern World seminar and the History of Material Texts Seminar. The seminar has taken various formats, from individual papers to thematic roundtables.

From the start, the seminar has welcomed historians at all stages of their careers. Speakers to the seminar have included: Paul Botley, Abigail Brundin, Richard Calis, Marcello Cattaneo, Eloise Davies, Katherine East, Hannah Gentili, Stefan Hanß, Nicholas Hardy, Mack Holt, Henk Jan de Jonge, Andrew Laird, Dmitri Levitin, Christa Lundberg, Kirsten Macfarlane, Sir Noel Malcolm, Scott Mandelbrote, Madeline McMahon, Dirk van Miert, Simon Mills, Nil Palabıyık, Helen Pfeifer, Eyal Poleg, John Robertson, Felix Schlichter, David Sclar, Richard Serjeantson, Freya Sierhuis, Joanna Weinberg and Hannah Yip.

The seminar has been co-convened by Richard Calis, Theodor Dunkelgrün, and Harriet Lyon.

The Seminar continues to meet in hybrid form. Zoom details will be shared with subscribers to this seminar's mailing list.




The Erasable Ten Commandments: The Decalogue as Wax Tablets

Peter Stallybrass (Penn)
Joint meeting with the Seminar on Material Texts

What could one sixteenth-century Italian know about the wider world? A perspective from the letters of Marcello Cervini

Sam Kennerley (LRZ Munich)
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