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July 2023 Open Day Course Presentation

What's next after studying History at Cambridge?

In this short video Sara Dehvari discusses her job as a Policy Officer for an MP and the way in which she's been able to use the skills she developed as a History undergraduate at Cambridge.
The Faculty of History participates in several Universtity events for schools


The next University Open Days will be on the 4th & 5th July 2024.

Here at the Faculty of History we host the Sutton Trust Summer School for aspiring historians from disadvantaged backgrounds. Applications for our 2024 Summer School have now closed.

A free programme designed to assist high achieving students from underrepresented backgrounds to make successful applications to Cambridge.

A taste of what it's like to study history at Cambridge. Open to Year 12 students. 

Sutton Trust Summer School participant 2022
I enjoyed the lecture on the Wars of the Roses. It was a period I never thought I would have that much interest in but the lecturer was engaging and the content was new and interesting.

Taster lectures: Find out something new.

New methods of teaching the Industrial Revolution

Gaming as a teaching strategy in the history classroom

On the 31st March 2023 a group of teachers attended a workshop in the Faculty on the use of gaming in the history classroom and specifically to teach the Industrial Revolution. The session was led by Dr Alexis Litvine and the game developers and designers. For more information and to participate in the development of this resource please visit: http://ireevolution.com 


Workshop on the Industrial Revolution

Teachers and students


Secondary Education and Social Change in the UK since 1945.
Key Stage 3 resource packs.







These lessons are the product of a 2020–2021 collaboration between the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) – funded project Secondary Education and Social Change in the UK since 1945 (SESC), based at the University of Cambridge, and four secondary school history teachers who created the Key Stage 3 School Resource Packs based on SESC’s research.

The school resource packs are free to download for any secondary school history teachers interested in secondary education and social change. The packs all focus on one main research question: In what ways do schools reflect change in the United Kingdom since 1945? Use the links below to find out more and to download the resources.


Applying to Cambridge

Please note: The Faculty is not involved in the selection of undergraduate students. This is handled by the central university administration and individual colleges. The best place to start understanding the process is on the University's Undergraduate Study pages, where you will find prospectuses and information for applicants.

If you have questions about admissions, it's best to start here: Undergraduate Study: History. Further inquiries about admissions should be directed to the Admissions Offices of specific colleges. A list of email contacts can be found here: College contacts.



Questions about the Faculty and its course provision may be directed to school-liaison@hist.cam.ac.uk