Early Modern World History Workshop

Seminar or event series

This is a space for scholars to air work in progress and to gain feedback on new projects or arguments. We often hear from our graduate students, usually in paired papers, as well as from colleagues and visiting historians.

This workshop is complemented by a longer seminar alternating week by week throughout the term. Both fora adopt a global approach to the early modern and we are keen to explore connections and comparisons within and beyond Europe.

In keeping with History Faculty policy, seminars will be held virtually at least until the end of 2020.
We hope to be able to return to physical meetings in 2021, at which tea and coffee will be served.
We are grateful for the support of the Trevelyan Fund.

This year’s Workshop will be held via Zoom and will meet on alternating Thursdays at 3 p.m. and finish at 4 p.m. Details of meetings will be circulated via the Faculty mailing lists and website.


No workshops this term

We will return in Michaelmas
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Banner image: Detail from The Etcher’s Press - The Printmaker’s Shop (1642) by Abraham Bosse 1602-1676. From Art Institute of Chicago

At a glance

Easter Term
alternate Thursdays from 3.00 - 4.00pm
Online: Zoom
Dr Melissa Calaresu (mtc12@cam.ac.uk)
Dr Valentina Caldari
Professor Mary Laven (mrl25@cam.ac.uk)
Dr William O'Reilly
Dr Helen Pfeifer
Dr Gabriela Ramos
Professor Ulinka Rublack