Modern Cultural History

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The Modern Cultural History Seminar has a twenty-year history of stretching the boundaries of the field in all the new ways the field seems to be heading, with recent attention paid to history of the emotions, space and place, the social sciences in cultural context, and cultures of gender and sexuality.  Most of our papers are in British history since the late 18th century, but we try to feature comparative work as well, and in recent years we have had papers in French, Australian, American and South Asian cultural history as well, especially where transnational themes are involved.  A postgraduate-run workshop in Modern Cultural History meets in alternate weeks.

We are meeting on Zoom this term. If you are a member of a university, you can subscribe to our list by clicking the link to the right. If not, please email the convenors to introduce yourself if you would like to join the seminar.

The History Faculty’s Trevelyan Fund provides crucial and much appreciated assistance to support visits by scholars from outside Cambridge.



Educators and the Totalitarian Challenge: Making Democratic Citizens at the Institute of Education, 1932-1940

LYNTON LEES, Columbia University

‘‘The One-Legged Elysium”: Refashioning Veteran Prosthetics Across the Empire, 1918-1930

HILARY BUXTON, Kenyon College
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Banner picture: Movie theater. Southside, Chicago, Illinois, 1941. Library of Congress collection