Professor John H. Arnold

Professor of Medieval History
Professor John H. Arnold

John Arnold studied at the University of York, gaining a BA in History, and a D.Phil. in Medieval Studies. He worked at the University of East Anglia, then moved to Birkbeck, University of London, in 2001, until his election to the professorship of medieval history at Cambridge in 2016. He has been lead editor of the journal Cultural and Social History, is on the editorial board of the journal Past & Present, is co-editor of the publication series 'Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages' (York Medieval Press), and in 2019 took over as General editor of the series 'Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought' (Cambridge University Press). 


Medieval religion and culture, particularly the religious culture of the many rather than the few. Heresy and inquisition. Popular politics in the pre-modern era. Gender and sexuality. Modern historiography and theory. 

I have just completed a monograph on the making of lay religion in southern France, c. 1000-1350, published by OUP in 2024.

In collaboration with Rob Portass (Lincoln) , we have launched in 2024 an international research network project on medieval peasants in a global comparative perspective. The project does not aim to produce a substantive history as such, but rather to help explore, refine and make practically feasible a variety of comparative questions across different geographical regions (Europe, China, Africa, south Asia), to provide a building block for subsequent research. The project will incorporate economic, social and cultural/religious aspects of the lives of non-elite rural-dwelling agricultural producers.

I am happy to consider requests to supervise doctoral theses on various areas of medieval history post-1000, having particular archival expertise for southern France and England, but with interests in religious, social and cultural history that cover all of medieval Europe. 

Current students and topics

Matthias Bryson, "Liturgical prescription and religious practice in the local and regional cults of female saints in England, c. 1330–1500"

Héléna Lagreou, "The imaginaire of public executions during the late Middle Ages in England, France, and Italy"

Larissa de Freitas Lyth, "Connections between witchcraft, heresy and inquisitorial culture in the Late Medieval Period"

Emma Olson, "Sonic Violence on the Trans-Pyrenean Frontier: Negotiating Conflict through Speech, Noise, and Music, c. 1213-1391"

Frodi Markan Jones, "Siblinghood in Medieval Southern France"


Completed students

Raphaëlle Golder, "The Changing Uses and Development of Affectivity in the Practice of Confession (12th-13th centuries)" (Cambridge 2023)

Savannah Pine, "Chivalric Culture and the Librairie du Louvre's Textual Community, 1368-1477" (Cambridge, 2023)

Emma Campbell, "The Experience of Listening to Sermons in late Medieval England" (Cambridge 2021)

Derek Hill, "Change in the fourteenth-century inquisition seen through Bernard Gui's and Nicholas Eymerich's inquisitors' manuals" (Birkbeck, University of London 2016); subsequently published as Inquisition in the Fourteenth Century: The Manuals of Bernard Gui and Nicholas Eymerich (York: York Medieval Press, 2019)

Jill C. Moore, "The Organisation and Development of the Medieval Inquisition in Italy (c. 1250- c. 1350)" (Birkbeck, University of London 2015); subsequently published as Inquisition and its Organisation in Italy, 1250-1350 (York: York Medieval Press, 2019)

Tom Johnson, "Law, Space and Local Knowledge in Late Medieval England" (Birkbeck, University of London 2014); subsequently published as Law in Common: Legal Cultures in Late Medieval England (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020)

Rachel Lazenby, "A Comparison of Interrogative Processes: canonization, enquêtes and inquisition in thirteenth-century France" (Birkbeck, University of London 2014)



I lecture mainly for Outline 3 (Later Medieval Europe), for Introduction to Historical Thinking 1B and for Historical Argument and Practice. I offer a Special Subject on heresy, inquisition and society in southern France (c. 1150-1320) (suspended however in 2018-19 and 2019-20). I also teach across the M.Phil. Medieval History.

Video of inaugural lecture (2 February 2018) 'Believing in Medieval Belief: Gibbon, Latour and What We Do With Religion'


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Office Phone: 01223 331482



The Making of Lay Religion in Southern France, c. 1000-1350 (Oxford University Press, 2024)

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Articles and chapters

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