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Intelligence Seminar

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Lent Term 2020


Welcome, or welcome back, to the Intelligence Seminar!



Professor Christopher Andrew (, Dr Dan Larsen (, Dr Thomas Maguire (, Dr John Ranelagh (, Sir Richard Dearlove and Professor Simon Heffer.


All Cambridge meetings take place in Corpus Christi College McCrum Lecture Theatre (entry through ‘The Eagle’ archway, Benet Street) and commence promptly at 5.30 pm.

The Porters' Lodge at Corpus will provide further directions if required.


17 January

Christopher Andrew:
‘Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism: A Long-Term Perspective’ (illustrated)

Long-term perspective gives greater insight into the coming terrorist use of WMD than the short-term experience of low-tech terrorist attacks since 9/11. The academic study of counter-terrorism has suffered somewhat from Historical Attention-Span Deficit Disorder (HASDD)


24 January

John Preston:
‘Robert Maxwell and Cold War Intelligence’

John Preston’s books include the best-selling A Very English Scandal about the Jeremy Thorpe Affair, which was dramatised last year on BBC1. His next book is about Robert Maxwell: media magnate, MP and fraudster. Dr Daniela Richterova, who is researching three other MPs (Will Owen, John Stonehouse and Ray Mawby) who were in touch with the StB (Czechoslovak intelligence) will take part in the discussion after the presentation


31 January

Andrew Harrison (National Archives),
‘The Release of MI5 Files to the National Archives’

The annual or biennial declassification of MI5 files continues to generate much innovative research on recent intelligence history as well as media publicity.


7 February

Bodo Hechelhammer:
‘”Travelling broadens the mind”: Why CIA invited German intelligence to visit USA in the Fifties’

Bodo Hechelhammer is official historian of the BND (German foreign intelligence)


14 February

Gill Bennett:
‘Counter-Disinformation and the Tools of the Intelligence Trade’

Gill Bennett is former FCO Chief Historian


11 for 11-30 am Friday 21 February


One-day conference (including lunch) at RUSI, Whitehall with British Study Group on Intelligence (SGI). Details will be circulated later.


28 February

Thomas Maguire:
‘Managing complicity: British intelligence liaison and human rights since 9/11’


6 March

Neil Kent:
‘Belarus between East and West’

Neil Kent is widely travelled and an invited speaker (in the Russian language) in both Belarus and Russia, where he was for some years Visiting Professor at the University of St Petersburg. He is currently Associate Professor at the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, Associate  of the Cambridge Scott Polar Research Institute, and Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Intelligence and Cyber Security.


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