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World History

World History Workshop

'World history' refers to a variety of theoretical approaches, united only in their rejection of 'the nation' as a basic unit of historical analysis. Topics covered include all aspects of colonial and post-colonial history, as well as the histories of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America c. 1750-2000. While the workshop continues to maintain a focus on histories of European expansion and imperialism, papers also engage with comparative approaches to world history, including topics such as migration and trade networks, science and technology, and colonial and post-colonial law.

The World History Workshop provides an informal and relaxed setting in which to test out ideas, and to practice giving conference papers among fellow graduate students. We feature submissions at every stage of research, and papers from both MPhil and PhD students. If you are interested in presenting, or have any inquiries, please contact one of the conveners listed below.


Seminars take place on alternate Thursdays between 14.30 and 16.00 in the Sir Arthur Quiller Couch Room, St John's, except where otherwise noted.


Laura Channing (lc679)

Annalise Higgins (arh86)

Louise Moschetta (lpgm2)

Ayse Polat (hap41)

Tom Smith (tds33)

Chris Wilson (cw498)


26th April                                                                                                                          

World History MPhil Presentations

Milia Hau, Daniel McKay, Ellen Parker


10th May                                                                                                                            2.00 pm

Graduate Roundtable on Race and Global Intellectual History

Merve Fejzula, Valentina Mann, Luna Sabastian; chaired by Mezna Qato


 *12th May*                                                                                                                         9.00 am

Texts in Motion Graduate Conference

Please see for details


31st May                                                                                                                            

Paula Vedoveli (Princeton)

‘Shady Connections, Influential Business: The European Financial Press and Sovereign Credibility Beyond Borders, 1850-1890’


Please note that although the Texts in Motion graduate conference will be run as a semi-closed workshop, it may still be possible to attend without presenting. Please email worldhistoryworkshop@gmail.comfor further details.