East European History Workshop


The East European History workshop provides a forum for postgraduates to discuss the medieval, early modern, and modern history of Eastern Europe, widely defined geographically as including such regions as post-Soviet Eastern Europe, East Central Europe, the Balkan peninsula, and adjacent territories. The goal of the workshop is not to artificially provincialise the study of this region, but to (1) provide a platform for discussion on political, social, economic, and cultural phenomena that were unique to or manifested uniquely in the history of Eastern Europe and (2) promote the work of scholars whose research on East European history is liable to be overlooked or neglected in other discussions of European history. We welcome postgraduate researchers of any specialisation or methodological background whose projects relate to the history of Eastern Europe, including those who study Eastern Europe's connections to global trends and entanglements with cultures from across the world.


We meet on Wednesdays at 5 pm during term.


To receive workshop news and Zoom links to our meetings, please subscribe to the mailing list. Please send your submissions and any questions to cameasteurope@gmail.com.


Convenors: Stanislaw Banach and Stepan Blinder