Political Thought and Intellectual History workshop

Our workshop offers PhD and MPhil students the opportunity to present and discuss results from their current research in an informal and supportive environment. It is intended as a home for all graduate students whose work intersects in some way with the broad field of intellectual history, taken as the historical study of ideas, concepts, discourses, beliefs, knowledge. 

The workshop draws impetus from the diversifying scene of intellectual history at Cambridge, as demonstrated by recent graduate conferences on “The Patristic Legacy in Early Modern Culture” (2019), “Science, Certainty and Expertise in the History of Political Thought” (2020), "Education and Educators in Political Thought" (2021), and the regular seminar series on Political Thought and Intellectual History, Early Modern Scholarship and Religion, and Global Intellectual History.

For the 2021/22 academic year, the workshop will be held in person in Room 9, History Faculty or on Zoom as the case may be. All sessions start at 5pm.

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Aldri Cela (ac2343@cam.ac.uk)

Michael Kretowicz (mrk48@cam.ac.uk)

Elena Yi-Jia Zeng (yjz23@cam.ac.uk)

Michaelmas 2021

Oct 13 Niall Dilucia (Cambridge) 

Sociability and Salvation in Early Modern Catholic Thought

Venue: Room 9, History Faculty


Oct 27 Kate Yoon (Oxford) 

‘Oriental despotism’ and doux commerce, from Montesquieu to Raynal

Commentator: Madeleine Armstrong (Cambridge)

Venue: Zoom


Nov 10 Emily Evans (Cambridge) 

Karl Marx’s Rejection of German Economic Discourse, 1844–1883

Commentator: Nicholas Devlin (Cambridge)

Venue: Room 9, History Faculty


Nov 24 Shterna S. Friedman (UC Berkeley) 

From Hegel to Foucault: The Trinitarian Origins of the Dialectic and Agonistic Politics

Venue: Zoom