Economic and Social History workshop

The economic and social history workshop fosters discussion on a range of social or economic topics from any time period or geographic region. We feature papers that consider any aspect of social or economic policy, historical demography, political economy, labour movements, financial institutions, or histories of poverty and welfare. All papers are by postgraduate students, whether from the University of Cambridge or other universities around the world.

The workshop provides a friendly, collaborative environment with short papers followed by half an hour of questions and discussion. Workshops are usually also attended by a senior member of the Faculty to respond to the paper and offer constructive feedback. Attendance by students on the Economic and Social History MPhil is expected, and we encourage MPhil students to present works-in-progress in Easter Term.

The workshop meets online at 12:30pm on alternate Mondays. We will be distributing Zoom details before each session through our mailing list. You can join it here.

Next Monday, May 30th we will meet at 12:30pm on Zoom. Our presenter will be Yen Nie Yong (Kyoto University), who will be giving a talk titled:

"Entrepreneurial Opportunities within Colonial Trade: The Case of British Malaya’s Pineapple Industry (1900–1939)"