Workshop of Memory and Emotions

Cambridge History of Memory and Emotions Workshop (MEW)

The Cambridge History of Memory and Emotions Workshop (MEW) provides a friendly and open environment for postgraduates to present on any aspect of the history of memory and the history of emotions. We are open to work from any time period and place. People are welcome to present finished pieces or work in progress, to develop their ideas and discuss their work with their peers. 

Michaelmas Termcard

12 October:

Oscar Joyce (University of East Anglia), ‘The most strange and admirable discouerie of the Witches of Warboys’

Branwen Phillips (University of Oxford), ‘Wounded Women in Palmyrene Tombs: Mourning, Memory and the Societal Roles of Women’


26 October: Virtual Session on Zoom

Lillian Tsay (Brown University), ‘The "Good" Japanese? Sugihara Chiune, the Holocaust, and Japan's War Memory’

Avarna Ojha (SOAS), ‘Corruption during partition of British India: Encapsulating Betrayal’

Rachel Andrews, (National University of Ireland, Galway), ‘Digital Witnessing as memory work: The case of the Bessborough planning hearing April 21-23 2021’


9 November:

Naveen Farhan (University of Oxford), ‘Contesting Sensuality: Nawab Wajid Ali Shah in Shia Memory’

Jono Jackson (University of Cologne), ‘Britannia waived the rules: disillusionment, nostalgia, and misremembered roles among colonial officers after empire’


23 November:

Iona Ramsay (University of Exeter), ‘Scars of a Living Martyr: Media and the Memorialisation of Religious Suffering’

Gaby Schwarzmann, (Queen Mary University of London), ‘Honour, Shame and Shamefastness in Impotence Trials in Late Medieval York’


The format for this workshop is two twenty minute papers followed by refreshments and discussion. We will meet at a central Cambridge college location (tba) every other Tuesday (beginning 12th October) from 5-7pm. 

We intend these sessions to be in person in Cambridge, but this is subject to COVID restrictions. There is also the possibility for online or hybrid sessions for those who are unable to join us in person.(feel free to indicate if that would be preferable). 

Would you like to present?

In the future, we will be looking for submissions to present in Lent Term 2022.

We welcome submissions on any time period or place, from historians or those in related disciplines. Scholars might choose to present on the relationship between emotion and memory, but we welcome papers that focus solely on memory or emotions. Submissions might include but are not limited to:

  • Understandings of emotions in past societies
  • Emotional experiences and the embodiment of emotion
  • Emotional dimensions of memory
  • Spaces of emotion
  • Museums, memorials, commemoration
  • Nostalgia
  • Collective and social memory
  • Material culture, objecthood, and memory


If you have any questions, please email us at Follow us on Twitter @HistMemEmo. 

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