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Economic and Social History

Graduate Workshop

The Economic and Social History Workshop is a weekly forum that discusses all aspects of economic and social history covering a broad chronological and geographical remit. 

We meet on Mondays in Room 5 of the Faculty of History from 12.30 to 1.30pm (except 15th October, when we will meet in Room 6). Sessions are weekly in Michaelmas Term and fortnightly in Lent Term.

Papers normally last around 30 minutes, and are followed by 20 minutes of constructive feedback and discussion. The workshop aims to provide a casual and constructive atmosphere to present either finished papers or ‘works in progress’, and a free sandwich lunch is provided for attendees

If you are interested in presenting a paper this academic year, please email the convenors with a paper title and a short abstract. Submissions are welcome from both MPhil and PhD students at any stage of their study. And if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Ying Dai (
Emelyn Rude (


Michaelmas Term 2018

08 October 
Auriane Terki-Mignot (University of Cambridge)                                     

Patterns of female employment in the Pays de Caux and the Perche, 1792-1901


15 October
Eleanor Russell (University of Cambridge)                                               

The Spinelli Family: a mid-sized Florentine firm's response to the opening of the Americas and Cape Route trade, 1450-1520 


22 October
Yiwen Qiu (University of Cambridge)                                                     

Industrial development paths from an evolutionary perspective: the Chinese case, 1998-2013 


29 October
Yushu Geng (University of Cambridge)                                                   

Obscenity and the politics of moral regulation in China and Singapore, 1919-1937


05 November
Yasmin Shearmur (University of Cambridge)                                             

European integration and immigration policy, French and British experiences, 1976-1992


12 November
Michalis Bardanis (University of Ioannina, Greece)                                    

Brick and tile making in Athens, Greece, during the 20th Century


19 November
Mostafa Abdelaal (University of Cambridge)                                           

Years of turbulence, years of hope: Central African Copperbelt and the industrial development in Congo-Leopoldville and Zambia, from political independence to economic nationalization


26 November
Alex Tertzakian (University of Cambridge)                                                   

The diffusion of mechanised technologies in the West Riding of Yorkshire textile industry c.1780-1911 and its impact on employment and wages