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Cultural History Workshop

The Cultural History Workshop is an interdisciplinary platform for graduate students with an interest in cultural studies. It welcomes MPhil and Ph.D. students to present 30min papers with a cultural focus from any time period and any geographic region. No matter your reasons –challenge yourself by writing for a non-specialist audience, improve your presentation skills, try out your new chapter, get feedback on your work-in-progress, or engage with your peers at Cambridgethere will be wine, snacks and friendly discussion.   

We meet on alternate Wednesdays at 5PM at Gonville and Caius College, Green Room. Please get in touch if you are interested in presenting a paper, want to discuss ideas, or have any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you!  

For up-to-date notices and news of forthcoming talks, sign up to our mailing list at:


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Mariel Rodriguez ( 

Easter Term 2018 Schedule

2nd May: Marina Inì (Faculty of History) 'Lazzaretti and the Early Modern Notion of Contagion'

16th May: Eirik Roesvik (Faculty of History) 'Monarchy, Celebrity and Kaiser Wilhelm II in Norway, 1889-1914'

Lent Term 2018 Schedule

31st January: Marcus Colla (Faculty of History) 'Legitimacy, history and temporality in the German Democratic Republic'

14th February: Tessa Peres (Faculty of English) 'Erotic Inspirations in Ovid, Botticelli, Shakespeare'

28th February: Maddalena Alvi (Faculty of History) 'The Land of Cockaigne. The German Art Market and the Great War'

**TUESDAY 13th March at 1pm**: Marta Manzanares Mileo (University of Barcelona) 'The Art of confectionery in early modern Catalonia: knowledge, practices and uses (XVI-XVIII centuries)'. Bateman Room, Gonville and Caius.

Michaelmas Term 2017 Schedule

11th October: Mariel Rodriguez (Faculty of History) 'Historic preservation in England before 1850' (Special location: Bateman Room, Gonville and Caius College)

25th October: Yasuhiro Okazawa (Faculty of History) 'Faceless Facts, Nameless Gatherers: The Statistical Society of London’s use of the questionnaire in coordinated statistical observation, 1834–1848'

8th November: Patrick McGhee (Faculty of History) '"Heathenism" in the Protestant Atlantic World'

22nd November: Katrina Maydom (Department of History of Science) 'New World Drugs in Early Modern English Literature'


Green Room, Gonville and Caius College
Wednesdays at 5PM