Workshop for the Early Modern Period (WEMP)

The Workshop for the Early Modern Period (WEMP) provides a forum for graduate students to present research on any aspect of early modern history in a friendly and sociable environment. These workshops are an excellent platform to trial potential avenues of research, receive feedback on your work, and gain experience presenting to a group and responding to ideas and questions.



The Michaelmas 2023 program will operate in hybrid format. Zoom links will be distributed to the WEMP mailing list in advance of each workshop (see below to join).

30 October / Money and Poverty 

EDWARD STEIN (Trinity, Cambridge)
Writing for Money: The Biblio-Picaresque in John Taylor’s Travailes of Twelve-Pense (1621) 

MISHAEL KNIGHT (Peterhouse, Cambridge)
The common chest and the gazophylacium 


13 November / The Materiality of Faith 

The Materiality of the Eucharist in Venetian Parish Churches, c. 1545-1690 

The Sacred at Home: The Devotional Objects of a Catholic Indian Cacique in Bourbon New Spain


20 November / Dress, Textiles, and Identity (joint session with MCEMW)

Dressing the part: Material Identity, Mobility and Danger in Ottoman Greece

VENDY HOPPE (Manchester)
The Velvet City: Renaissance Venice and the Consumption of Silk Velvets 

ELLIE DORAN (Jesus, Cambridge)
Cosimo I de’ Medici and Eleonora di Toledo: sculptural garments and the construction of gendered identity


27 November / Travelling Objects in the Microcosm

ZIFENG ZHAO (Homerton, Cambridge)
Arranged Experience in Porcelain Cabinets: Shaping Perception of East Asia at the 18th-Century German Courts 

KERRY-LOUISE APPS (Open University/National Trust)
A World in a House by the Thames?

EUAN HUEY (Wolfson, Oxford)
Renegade Knowledge: Material exchange between Manila and Brunei in the trial of Miguel de Piña, 1587-c.1588



Format of Meetings

The format consists of two or three twenty-minute papers followed by discussion, questions, and feedback. Workshops are well attended by students from a range of disciplines.

Contact and Information

The 2023-24 convenors for WEMP are Lavinia Gambini, Jennifer McFarland and Christian Owen. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Follow us on Twitter @EMGSCam.

Mailing List

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This workshop thanks the Faculty of History for its financial support.