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Political Thought and Intellectual History

                            Lent Term 2017

All seminars meet on Monday at 5.00pm - 6.45pm in the Old Combination Room, Trinity College.

 23 January
 Stefanos Geroulanos (NYU)
"The Emperor's Two Bodies: Mirrored Sovereignty, the Code civil, and Napoleon's New Men"

Comment: TBC

30 January
Jamie Martin (Sydney)
"The Transformation of International Economics during the Great Depression"

Comment: Duncan Bell (Cambridge)

6 February
Kinch Hoekstra (Berkeley)  
"In His Veins the Blood of Kings: Thucydides in the Renaissance"

13 February
Ben Slingo (Cambridge)
"Cajetan, Suarez and republican liberty: A theme in later scholastic political thought"

Comment: Harro Hopfl (Essex)

20 February
Seyla Benhabib (Yale)
"Legalism: A Reconstruction and Critique of Judith Shklar's Concept and its Contemporary Import"

Comment:  Katrina Forrester (Queen Mary)


27 February
Johan Olsthoorn (Leuven)
"Grotius on natural law and supererogation"

Comment: Sarah Mortimer (Oxford)

6 March
Jenny Andersson (Paris, Sciences Po)                              
"The future of the world. A new history of the future"

13 March
Clara Maier (Hamburg)
"The idea of the Rechtsstaat in twentieth-century German legal thought"

Comment: Duncan Kelly (Cambridge)


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