The Wars of the Roses: 9

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About Source 5

This extract is from the chronicle of the Benedictine Abbey of Crowland, Lincolnshire, written by monks of the abbey. Like other medieval chronicles, it sought to offer a definitive version of events, although its judgements were in fact highly subjective. It was written after Richard’s reign, in the reign of Henry VI (Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond).

Extract taken from The Crowland Chronicle Continuations: 1459-1486, ed. N. Pronay and J. Cox (London, 1986).


I) What significance might be attached to:

  • Richard’s ‘repeat’ coronation in York and the rather caustic language in which the chronicle describes it?
  • The reference to the sons of King Edward in the Tower of London (the ‘Princes in the Tower’)?
  • The way in which Henry Tudor is introduced in the extract?