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Part II Papers for 2019-2020

Below is a list of Part II papers available for 2019-20. Other than Papers 1, 4, 5 and 6, the papers offered may vary from year to year.  All Section B and many Section D papers have managed numbers; students are asked to list preferences and are assigned to papers through an allocation process.  Occasionally, due to unexpected circumstances, it may be necessary to withdraw a paper from Section B or Section D before the start of the academic year. 


Section A

1.  Historical Argument and Practice  

Section B

Special Subjects

Paper 2 (long essay) and Paper 3 ('gobbets' paper)

A Roman religion: Identity and empire
B The "Angevin Empire", 1150s - 1230s
C Memory in Early Modern England
D Uses of the Visual in Early Modern Germany, c. 1450-1550
E The Palace and the Coffeehouse: The Power of Place in Ottoman History, 1300-1800 (previously The Well-Protected Domains: A spatial history of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800)
F Reform and Reformation: Thomas More's England
H Masculinities and political culture in Britain, 1832-1901
I The 1848 Revolutions
J The British and the Ottoman Middle East, 1798-1850
L The transformation of everyday life in Britain, 1945-1990
N Central European Cities: Budapest, Prague, Vienna, 1450-1914
O Missionary Science, Ethnic Formation and the Religious Encounter in Belgian Congo 1908-60
Q Indian Democracy: Ideas in Action, c 1947-2007

Section C

Political thought

4. History of political thought from c.1700 to c.1890
5. Political philosophy and the history of political thought since c.1890   
6. States between states: The history of international political thought from the Roman empire to the early nineteenth century

Section D

Specified Subjects

7. Transformation of the Roman world [Paper C4 of Part II of the Classical Tripos]
8. The Near East in the age of Justinian and Muhammad, AD527-700 
9. Slavery in the Greek and Roman worlds [Paper C3 of Part II of the Classical Tripos]
10. Living in Athens [Paper C1 of Part II of the Classical Tripos
11.  Early Medicine [Paper BBS113 within Part II of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Tripos]
12. The Middle Ages on film: medieval violence and modern identities
13. Man, nature and the supernatural, c.1000-c.1600 
14. Material culture in the early modern world
15. The Medieval Globe (A24 of Part II of the Archaeology Tripos)
16. Overseas expansion and British identities, 1585-1714
17. The politics of knowledge from the late Renaissance to the early Enlightenment
18. Japanese history [Paper J6 of Part IB of the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos]
19. Women, gender and paid work in Britain since c. 1850
21. Borderlands: Life on the Habsburg-Ottoman Frontier, 1521-1881
22. Stalinism and Soviet life
23. The long road to modernisation: Spain since 1808  
24. The American Revolution in Unexpected Places *
25.  Ireland and the Irish since the famine
29. The history of Africa from 1800 to the present day
30. 'Islands and Beaches': The Pacific and Indian Oceans in the long nineteenth century  *


 * These papers are not expected to be offered in 2020-21 so should not be taken by any students commencing a two-year Part II in October 2019.

The History Faculty welcomes expressions of interest for BA Postdoctoral Fellowships 2019/20. The internal Faculty deadline is 5pm on 16 August 2019.

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Individual Fellowship competition is now open. The internal University deadline is 3pm, 10 September 2019. 

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