Support for Students with Disabilties


The University’s Disability Resource Centre offers a wide range of support and advice for students. The DRC work closely with the Faculty to ensure we are able to meet the needs of all our students to help them continue their academic success throughout their graduate studies. The DRC website includes details on all of the types of support they offer to students, as well as information about how to apply for funding to cover this support.

Students are encouraged to disclose any disability as part of their application, or as soon as possible thereafter. The Faculty will never take any disclosure under consideration; your application will be considered on academic merit alone although the information may be used to help with interview arrangements if appropriate.

If you would like to disclose a Disability after applying, you may do so via the DRC Student Information Form.

The Faculty of History building is largely accessible but there are some limitations of the building. There is some published information about the building accessibility is published on the DRC website. Wherever possible the Faculty will always try to make the building accessible.