Postgraduate Training Programme

Student sitting on a sofa with a laptop

The Faculty offers a wealth of seminars and workshops, which are an integral part of our training programme. Research seminars invite scholars to come and present and discuss their recent work. Graduate-led workshops taking place weekly or fortnightly bring together people in the same field to debate and discuss their research interests. 

We also offer an active Graduate Training Programme which includes classes and workshops in a variety of research-related skills from palaeography, to publishing your first book. Students are encouraged to attend as many programmes as they wish to. Further details can be found on our Graduate Training pages for current students. 

Specialist training is also available in some subfields, such as the New York Cambridge Training Collaboration in twentieth century British history, or a eight-class series on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for historians

If you are planning to use oral history in your research, you should attend the Faculty's oral history training, or access an equivalent through the Oral History Society or British Library. You will need to get permission to proceed before interviewing from the Director of Graduate Training, and should complete the documentation that is available on moodle.

If you have any questions about graduate training, email the programme administrator: