Research Grants News

The Faculty’s research garnered a wide range of support this year.

Professor Saul Dubow received an Australian Research Council  grant for ‘Antipodean Geology: A Modern History of the Southern Hemisphere’. British Academy grants went to Dr Ruth Watson for ‘Crowds in World History’ and Professor Teresa Webber for ‘Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues’. Dr Gabriela Ramos won a British Library grant for ‘A survey of ecclesiastical archives in colonial Lima: bishops, canons and cloistered nuns’.

The Faculty received several Cambridge Humanities Research Grants: Professor Eugenio Biagini for ‘Impacting Parnell’s Speeches’; Dr Sara Caputo for ‘Health and Medicine in European Navies, 1750–1820: Beyond the National’; Dr Yonatan Glazer-Eytan for ‘Faith and Forced Labor in the Early Modern Spanish Empire’; and Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor for ‘CamPOP publication strategy’. Professor Eugenio Biagini also received a ‘Reconciliation Fund Lectureship’ grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs Ireland. Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor also received a Keynes Fund grant for ‘Lighthouses in Economics Redivivus – Analysis’.

ERC grants went to Professor John Arnold and Dr Gustav Zamore (MSCA fellow) for ‘Disruptions of Sacred Space in Late Medieval England and its European Contexts’ and Professor Craig James Muldrew and Dr Joris van den Tol (MSCA fellow) for ‘Political Economy of Trade, Institutions, and Transnational Interests, in the Atlantic’.

ESRC grants went to Dr George Bodie (fellow) and Dr Celia Donert (mentor) for ‘Everyday Internationalism: The German Democratic Republic and Postcolonial World’. Dr Massimo Asta received an Isaac Newton Trust grant for ‘Engaged Economists. A Social and Intellectual History of Political Commitment and Heterodox Economics in Europe (1900s-1950s)’.

Leverhulme Trust grants went to Professor Peter Mandler (host) and Professor Susan Pedersen (fellow) for a ‘Visiting Professorship’ and to Dr Jesús Sanjurjo-Ramos (fellow) and Dr Nicholas Guyatt (host) for ‘Black Soldiers of the Caribbean: Race, Slavery and Radical Politics’.

Dr Yonatan Glazer-Eytan received a Past and Present Society grant for ‘Unsettling Objects: The Forgotten Archives of Material Culture in the Early Modern World’. Professor Ulinka Rublack received a grant from the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin for ‘The Triumph of Fashion: A Global history, 1300–1800’.