Cambridge and Munich PhD students to explore key questions in the History of Contemporary Europe.


The Department of History of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, and the Faculty of History of the University of Cambridge will once more join forces to bring doctoral students from both universities to debate and share approaches to writing the history of contemporary Europe.

This venture, titled CALM – Cambridge-LMU PhD Training Collaboration in the Contemporary History of Global Europe is supported by the strategic partnership between both universities. One cohort of student already had the chance to work together in 2021, albeit online. The organisers are hoping that in 2022, students will be able to meet in person in at least two workshops: one in Cambridge in May 2022, and one in Munich in November 2022.

Contemporary European History (broadly defined as the history of the continent since c.1900) is a lively field of historical enquiry, but one that has so far lacked an ‘academic infrastructure’ of associations and societies. CALM is an opportunity for a new generation of scholars to go beyond this and engage with the history of the region in international, transnational and global context, and in conversation with debates and contributions from multiple perspectives – from across Europe and beyond.

CALM is directed by Pedro Ramos Pinto, Associate Professor in International Economic History at Cambridge, and Kiran Klaus Patel, Professor in European History at LMU.

Cambridge and LMU Phd students interested in applying (a) a 2-page CV in English; and (b) a 500 word summary of their PhD research project (in English) to the address by 10 December 2021. Any questions can be directed to the same address.