Computing and photocopying


The library has a catalogue area with computers for online catalogue searches. In addition, the Seeley houses University Managed Desktops Managed Cluster Service computers which you can access using your University Account password. Wireless internet access is available throughout the Seeley via eduroam (recommended) or UniOfCam, and there are electrical connections for laptops in the library seating bays and in the lower outer seating area. Some electronic library resources can only be accessed with a University Account password

For further information about how you use your University Account password for accessing Desktop Services and Email see the University Information Services accounts page. Forgotten passwords can be reset online or in person.

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

Printing can be carried out from any of the Desktop Services computers in the reading room bays. Once material has been sent to the printer queue it can be collected from the Multi-Functional Device (MFD) in the Printer/Photocopying/Scanning room (next to the iDiscover terminals). Printer credit is administered through the University Information Services and can be purchased online.

The MFD can also photocopy material at the same charge as the printing service and credit can be bought the same way too.

The charge for using these services is:

Print Cost
A4 paper (black & white) 5p per side
A3 paper (black & white) 10p per side
A4 paper (colour) 25p per side
A3 paper (colour) 50p per side

Scanning facilities are also available and are free of charge.