Emma Gleave

PhD Candidate in American History
I am a PhD candidate in American History at Clare College. My research looks at Antebellum Charleston and the use of classicism/antiquity by a city to justify and validate its socio-economic model. My doctoral project is supervised by Professor James Raven.

Upon my retirement as the the managing partner of a large firm of solicitors in Manchester and Bath I decided to pursue an academic career.

I completed my Master of Arts in The Classical World and its Reception at King's College, London.
Nineteenth-Century U.S, History

The Cultural History of Politics

Nineteenth Century Classical reception in the U.S.
Scottish Association (SASA) 2021 :The extraordinary life of Francis Cardozo (1837-1903), Scottish educated and the first African American to win election to a state-wide office

University of Liverpool ACE Work in Progress Seminars 2021:Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston,S.C. The Elysian Fields of the Southern United States


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