Dr Geraint Thomas

Fellow, College Lecturer and Director of Studies in History at Peterhouse
G Thomas

Born and raised in West Wales, Geraint studied at the LSE and the University of Cambridge, before taking up appointments in Oxford, Cambridge and York. In 2018, he returned to Cambridge to a college lectureship and fellowship at Peterhouse.


Geraint Thomas is a historian of twentieth-century Britain. His book, Popular Conservatism and the Culture of National Government in Inter-War Britain (Cambridge University Press, 2020), explores the political culture of the interwar years and offers the first detailed study of popular Conservatism under the cross-party National Government of the 1930s.

His current project investigates the politics and ideas of post-war reconstruction in Britain c.1916-1922, one of the first sustained experiments in state development conducted in the age of mass democracy. The resulting monograph will explore how politicians and society experienced the 'rise and fall' of reconstruction, its successes and its failures, and how such experiences wrought political debates and influential narratives that proved formative in shaping ideas of post-war reconstruction by the 1940s.

He also maintains an active research interest in Celtic history, looking in particular at how Celtic societies negotiated their place within a dominant Anglo world. His teaching interests span the political, social and cultural history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain.



I welcome requests to supervise theses in various areas of British history since c.1870, in particular the British state, central government, 'high politics' and political leadership; popular politics and the relationship with the 'everyday' experiences as shaped by class, region, religion and local government; the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties; political communication and political activism; political ideas; and the history of Wales, Scotland and 'Celtic' politics.

My current PhD students are:

Fearghal Grace, 'Minority Ethnic Veterans of the First World War: Advocacy and Welfare Politics in the Interwar Period'

Rebecca Goldsmith, 'The Making of "Labour's Working Class", 1931-1951'

Papers 5, 6 and 11 in the Historical Tripos.

I convene the 'Historical Project' (Part IB, History & Politics)


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Key Publications

Popular Conservatism and the Culture of National Government in Inter-War Britain (Cambridge University Press, 2020)

‘The Conservative party and Welsh politics in the inter-war years’, English Historical Review, CXXVIII, 533 (2013), 877-913

‘Conservatives, the constitution and the quest for a “representative” House of Lords, 1911-1935’, Parliamentary History, 31:3 (2012), 419-443

Brave New World: imperial and democratic nation-building in Britain between the wars, co-edited with Laura Beers (London: Institute of Historical Research, 2011)

‘Political modernity and “government” in the construction of inter-war democracy: local and national encounters’, in Brave New World

Other Publications

 ‘The General Strike in Interwar British Political Culture’, Modern History Review, 20:4 (2018)