Aristide Chryssoulis

PhD Candidate in History
Postgraduate Researcher at the Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies

After my undergraduate degree at Panthéon-Sorbonne University, I pursued a Master’s at the École normale supérieure before completing a MPhil at Cambridge. Whereas my first Master’s thesis examined the French consular system in the Aegean Sea and islands in the late 17th century, my second prolonged this topic by way of a comparison with the English consuls.

My doctoral research attempts a social and legal history of the Aegean over the 18th and 19th centuries, thus bridging two chronologies that were usually kept separate in Greek and Ottoman historiographies. At the same time, I argue for a perspective from the islanders’ quotidian experiences, as they adapted to changes in and to different jurisdictions across a connected maritime space. Those experiences and legal knowledge offer entry points into different ways of conceptualizing provincialism in the Ottoman and post-Ottoman Aegean, with a particular interest in insular semi-autonomies polities such as the Principality of Samos.

My PhD, under the supervision of Dr Kate Fleet, is generously funded by a Cambridge Trust International Scholarship. I am also a Postgraduate Researcher at the Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies, Newnham College.

My wider research interests thus include the early modern and modern Mediterranean, legal pluralism in the Ottoman Empire and maritime spaces, the legal knowledge of individuals, as well as islands and insular societies.

December 2024 – Will present a forthcoming paper at the “Culture & International History VII’ –
‘Uncertain Boundaries in International History’” John F. Kennedy Institute Symposium.
Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin.

5th June 2024 – Presented a paper entitled ‘Insularités, mondes juridiques et la Principauté de Samos
au sein de l’Egée ottomane et post-ottomane’, at the “Les sources consulaires. Pour une histoire
sociale et globale des relations internationales” doctoral workshop.
‘La Fabrique Consulaire’ Research Network, Nantes.

29th May 2024 – Presented a paper entitled ‘To be Samiot within the Ottoman and Hellenic Aegean. A
case of Legal and Insular Exceptionality in the 19th century’, at the “Sixth International Conference of
the Mediterranean Maritime History Network (MMHN)”.
Institute for Mediterranean Studies (IMS/FORTH), Rethymno.

31st March 2023 – Chaired a panel entitled ‘Communities of Exchange’, with talks by Elliott Fuller
(University of Toronto) and Dr. Kalliopi Vasilaki (IMS/FORTH) at the “Encounters at Sea” Faculty of
History Conference.
University of Cambridge, Cambridge


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Key publications

- ‘Bibliographie d’Hélène Antoniadis-Bibicou’, Études Balkaniques, HS1 (2021), pp. 151–158.