Robert Silver Prize 2022 winner announced.

Robert Silver
The judges for the Robert Silver Prize are pleased to announce the winner of the prize for 2022, Hollie Eaton.  The prize is awarded annually for an essay of no more than 8,000 words on a subject related to the impact of British Jewry on 20th-century Britain by an undergraduate or postgraduate student or early-career writer.
Hollie is a PhD student in History at University College, Oxford, whose research focuses on women's anti-suffrage within the British empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Her essay is entitled '"Blackguards in Bonnets": Women’s suffrage, Judaism and interfaith relations, 1910-1914'.  It analyses the work of the Jewish League for Women's Suffrage, which, drawing on Jewish precedents in theological, political and civic terms, made distinctive arguments for the inclusion of women in national nad religious life, and was at the forefront of shaping interfaith relations within the suffrage movement more broadly.  The judges were impressed by its ability to meld the history of women's suffrage activism with the history of the Jewish community in both its internal and external relations.
Hollie receives a £1,000 prize and the opportunity to publish her essay in a revised form in the Jewish Chronicle.
The prize was established in 2020 by his friends and family in memory of Robert Silver (1956-2019), who studied History at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1974-77, to address his three great passions, History, Politics and Jewishness.
Applications are now open for the Robert Silver Prize 2023.  Enquiries and submissions can be made to