Professor Sivasundaram publishes article on the need for a prehistory of Covid 19 which considers animal/human relations


Following his contribution to the History of the Now podcasts Professor Sujit Sivasundaram is publishing an article in Past and Present titled 

The Animal, the Human and the Prehistory of Covid-19.

An abridged article can be found here and the podcast here

The full article will be available here

This article came out of life in lockdown in April and May and the invitation to do a podcast for the faculty; it then grew as I amassed more information through digitally-accessible sources provided by the University Library and from conversations with various historians and friends in lockdown. It begins with the fundamental premise that the climate emergency and the pandemic are inter-linked and that historians have a role to play in explaining how these two crises are related; tracking the human-pangolin story was an interesting way to make a small start on this.