Grace Whorrall-Campbell wins 2021 Social History Society Postgraduate Prize

Grace Whorral-Campbell

Congratulations to Grace Whorrall-Campbell who has won the Social History Society Postgraduate Prize with her blog  ‘Breaking down from the ‘double load’: women workers’ mental health in 1940s England’.

The prizewinner was chosen from submitted blog posts relating to the subject matter of the society's conference plenary on ‘Women and Work’.

More information of the SHS conference and prize can be found here.

We tend to think of our current mental health crisis as unprecedented, but the years following the Second World War were an equally emotionally turbulent time ...This blog examines treatment for workers with ‘industrial neurosis’ in the late 1940s, drawing out parallels between today’s crisis of care and the burden placed on wives and mothers to manage the emotional fallout of World War Two.'