Labour History Cluster


The Labour History Cluster was inaugurated in 2019 as a means for generating collaboration and debate on themes of labour, broadly defined. There are many entry points into this diverse realm of human experience, including histories of capitalism, war, servitude, indenture, slavery, care giving, disabilities, environmental change, emotions, gender and many other dimensions. Our core members are within the History Faculty, but the work of the group aims to engage researchers in other Centres, Faculties and Departments in Cambridge, and those beyond our local context.

We are also keen to ensure that conversations flow across early career and senior members of our academy, and that we foreground the work of those relatively early in their scholarly careers.

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We're delighted to be hosting a workshop on May 4-5 2023 on Coerced Labour in Global Historical Perspective. 

You can follow our work on twitter @LabourHistCam.

Core members of the Labour History Cluster include:

Labour History blogs

Historian of South Asia Dr Partha Shil reflects on the state of the field.

Working on South Sudan, Dr Nicki Kindersley describes the co-production strategies she uses to investigate contemporary African capitalism.

Doctoral researcher Grace Whorrall-Campbell reflects on writing the history of emotions into an account of recruitment and workplace management in mid-twentieth century Britain.

Doctoral researcher Kirstie Stage reflects on labour as a crucial analytic category for historians of disability.

The Labour History Cluster and CamPo funded a workshop for scholars interested in disability issues.

Coerced Labour in Global Historical Perspective


Organised by the Labour History Cluster.

The keynote speech will be by Dr Benedetta Rossi (UCL) at King's College from 5.30 - 6.45 pm on May 4th.

If you wish to attend either direct message on twitter - @LabourHistCam.

Or email