Faculty of History Anniversaries Lectures

The History Faculty is celebrating a number of anniversaries this academic year and has organised a set of events which will not only mark the anniversaries but put them into their historical context of the unfolding of university education and historical scholarship over the past 300 years. 

The anniversaries include the 300th of the Regius Professorship of History (1724), the 150th of the Historical Tripos (1873), the 100th of the Historical Journal (1923), and the 75th of the admission of women to degrees (1948).

Alongside discussion panels, exhibitions and an essay competition, each term featured an anniversary lecture.

Watch the Anniversary lecture series

  • The Regius Professorship in Modern History was established in 1724. Initially the role had few duties, as only ancient history was taught at Cambridge. From the mid-nineteenth century onwards, the professors took a more active role. This lecture was introduced by Professor Christopher Clark, the current incumbent, and Professor Ludmilla Jordanova looks back at some of his predecessors. 
  • The Cambridge Historical Society was set up in 1922 to bring together undergraduates across colleges and the increasing numbers of postgraduates, and in 1923 it began publishing the Cambridge Historical Journal, only the third academic periodical in the field. 
  • The Historical Tripos is 150 years old. History had previously been taught in connection with the Moral Sciences Tripos since 1851, and having been ejected, for a few years in the Law Tripos. But there was pressure to create a separate Tripos from different directions.