Women's Work in Wartime Britain

With Grace Whorrall-Campbell 

150 years ago, work looked very different. Many people in Britain worked in noisy, dangerous factories, and offices didn’t have computers or photocopiers! Women’s work has also changed a lot since then: more women work, and more jobs are available to women than in the past. In this workshop we will discover what kinds of jobs women did, and how those jobs changed over the past 150 years. This period saw two World Wars which disrupted ordinary life and work for many people. After World War Two, women migrants from the Commonwealth were also looking to make a living and a new life in Britain. More importantly, huge developments in technology impacted the kinds of work women did. We will also think about how women felt about the jobs that they did, and the changing world in which they did them. Did they see new opportunities or the same old hardships? Did they face new challenges at work, and if so, how did they respond? Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14)