Stephanie van Dam

PhD Candidate in Social Economic History

Stephanie van Dam is a PhD Student in History, studying the governance of colonial labour in the 20th century. Van Dam is supervised by prof. dr. Gareth Austin and dr. Bronwen Everill. The PhD project uses social network analysis and discourse analysis to identify connections between colonies, empires and institutions and to analyse the construction and circulation of ideas on "desirable" and "undesirable" labour. The project draws from questions developed during Van Dam's Research Master thesis (Leiden University) on Sir Granville St John Orde Browne and his social network and representations of colonial labour. The MA thesis was awarded with the Johanna Naber prize for best thesis in gender history in 2020. The PhD project aims to understand connections between various spheres of governance and their relation to (changes and continuity in) ideas on gender, race, age, and class in the 20th century. Her research is funded by the ESRC DTP and the Cambridge Trust.

Colonial History, Labour History, Gender History, Post Colonial Theories, Gender & Queer Theories, Social Network Analysis, Discourse Analysis.

‘A Question of Roots and Wilderness: Marronage in Eighteenth-century Virginia’, at Slavery in the Americas Fulbright Workshop (17 March, 2017)


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