Stephanie van Dam

PhD Candidate in Social Economic History

Stephanie is a PhD student at the History Faculty, Cambridge University. Her research considers how labour protests changed the formulation and implementation of labour policies in the British Empire in the 1930s and 40s, specifically how international policies on injury compensation were enacted in different countries. More generally, she's interested in how workers experienced disability in a colonial setting and how they navigated work-place injury. Stephanie is supervised by Gareth Austin and Bronwen Everill and received her previous degrees at Leiden University. Her research is funded by the ESRC DTP and the Cambridge Trust.

Colonial History, Labour History, Gender History, Post Colonial Theories, Gender & Queer Theories, Social Network Analysis, Discourse Analysis.

‘A Question of Roots and Wilderness: Marronage in Eighteenth-century Virginia’, at Slavery in the Americas Fulbright Workshop (17 March, 2017)


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