Sam Pallis

PHD Candidate in Political Thought and Intellectual History
I obtained my BA at Cambridge and undertook my MA in History of Political Thought and Intellectual History at UCL and Queen Mary, University of London. I have published articles in numerous publications such as the New Stateman and Independent.
I am broadly interested in the thought of critics of technocracy in post 1945 America and Britain. My current research (preliminary title Anti-Imperialism and the Critique of Technocracy in Postwar American Thought 1939-1995) aims to reconstruct the critique of imperialism that emerged from both Left and Right in Post-war America. Based on an indictment of what was seen as an imperialist international order, an array of critics came to focus on what they regarded as a new instrument of political oppression: the totalizing managerial state. I look to chart a network of intellectual and activists across generations who in their joint opposition to the New Deal and Stalinism looked to develop forms of social cooperation that could replace the sovereign state.

Key publications