Robert Tombs

Professor Emeritus of French History
Fellow of St John's College
Professor Robert Tombs
I read History at Cambridge and worked for several years in Paris, both researching my PhD and working for the OECD. I returned to Cambridge as a research fellow at St John's, and was appointed to Junior Lectureship in the History Faculty. I have remained in Cambridge ever since. Most of my career was spent working on 19th century French history, and included publications on the Paris Commune and on French nationalism. Later, I turned to Franco-British relations since the 17th century, and later still made a foray into the history of England. I have held various Faculty and College posts, and served as co-editor of the Historical Journal. I also served on the Franco-British Council. I remain a Fellow of St John's.
Nineteenth-century French political history, with special focus on the Paris Commune (1871)
Franco-British relations since the 1680s
The history of England. I hope to write a short history of Brexit.
If time permits, I hope to write in future on the intellectual history of monotheism.
I supervise for Part I papers 17 and 18, and Part II dissertations if requested.
As an emeritus professor, I am not permitted to supervise new graduate students.


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St John's College, St John's Street, CB2 1TP


Key publications

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The English and Their History (Allen Lane, 2014; Penguin, 2015; New York, Knopf, 2015; Beijing, forthcoming) pp 1,012

Other publications

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