Professor David Maxwell

Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History
Professor David Maxwell

I studied for my BA in History at Manchester University.  This was followed by 3 years teaching in a rural secondary school in Manicaland, Zimbabwe before returning to St Antony’s College, Oxford to take a D. Phil in African History.  After a Fellowship in the Social Anthropology Department at Manchester University I was appointed Lecturer in International History at Keele University in 1994.  I was made Professor of African History at Keele in 2007 before joining the History Faculty in Cambridge.

I have held Visiting Fellowships/Residencies at the University of Western Australia, Basel University, Switzerland and the Rockefeller Center, Bellagio, Italy.  I have also been Honorary Fellow at the University of Zimbabwe; Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa and the Département des Sciences Historiques, University of Lubumbashi, DRC.  I have been awarded major reseach grants from the Economic and Social Research Council (x2); the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, and most recently a Leverhulme Research Fellowship (2016-18).

I am an historian of African Christianity who has written on mission history in colonial and post-colonial settings; the religious encounter of Christianity with African traditional religion; indigenous African Christian movements; Pentecostalism, transnationalism and religious globalisation.  I also have an interest in religion and the media, particularly religious print and photography. My first monograph considered the religious encounter in Zimbabwe and my second book was the history of a Southern African transnational Pentecostal movement.  The third book, Religious Entanglements, examined missionary and African contributions to the creation of so-called ‘colonial knowledge’ in Belgian Congo/DRC.  I am currently working on a broad-based study of Church, State and Society in post-colonial Zimbabwe. 

I am particularly interested in supervising graduate work in any of the following areas:

 The 19th and 20th century missionary movement;

Pentecostalism and religious transnationalism;

Religious movements and politics;

The history of colonial science;

World Christianity;

The missionary encounter in southern and central Africa;

And more generally the social and cultural history of central and southern Africa

My main teaching contributions are:

History Part I: Paper 23 (World History Since 1914);

History Part II: Paper 29 (History of Africa since 1800);

History Part II: Special Subject O  Missionary science, ethnic formation and the religious encounter in Belgian Congo, 1908-60

Divinity Part II, Paper C4 (Themes in World Christianity);

M.Phil. African Studies Options: Religious Movements and Politics in 19th and 20thCentury Africa & 

‘Christianity, Identity and Social Change in Africa’

Member of the editorial boards of Critical African StudiesThe Journal of Ecclesiastical HistoryThe Journal of Southern African StudiesThe Journal of Religion in AfricaSocial Sciences and MissionsStudies in Christian Mission, (E.J. Brill). 

 President of the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom (ASAUK), 2014-16


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Emmanuel College
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Cambridge CB2 3AP

Office Phone: 01223 334258


Key Publications

Christians and Chiefs in Zimbabwe: A Social History of the Hwesa People c.1870s-1990s (International African Library/Edinburgh University Press, 1999).

(ed.) Christianity and the African Imagination. Essays in Honour of Adrian Hastings (E.J.Brill, Leiden [with Ingrid Lawrie]  2002).

African Gifts of the Spirit: Pentecostalism and the Rise of a Zimbabwean Transnational Religious Movement (Oxford, James Currey, 2006)

(ed. with Patrick Harries) The Spiritual in the Secular.  Missionaries and Knowledge about Africa (Grand Rapids, Michigan, Eerdmans, 2012)

(ed. with Joel Cabrita & Emma Wild-Wood) Relocating World Christianity: Interdisciplinary Studies in Universal and Local Expressions of the Christian Faith (Leiden, E.J. Brill, 2017)

Religious Entanglements. Central African Pentecostalism, The Creation of Cultural Knowledge and the Making of the Luba Katanga, Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Press, 2022.

Other Publications

Select Articles and Chapters:

 ‘The Spirit and the Scapular: Pentecostal and Catholic Interactions in Northern Nyanga District, Zimbabwe in the 1950s and early 1960s’ in Journal of Southern African Studies, 23 2, 1997.

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