Joseph Robertson

PhD Candidate in Early Modern History
I am a PhD candidate at Christ's College, Cambridge, researching anti-Jesuit literature in England in the seventeenth century. My research, supervised by Professor Richard Rex, focuses on the effects of various forms of anti-Jesuit literature and visual and material culture on the contemporary view of the Society.

I previously achieved a first-class BA in History at the University of Kent, where my final research project, supervised by Dr. Suzanna Ivanic, considered the competing narratives of Humanism and Scholasticism in the life and work of St. John Fisher. I then completed the MPhil in Early Modern History at Robinson College, Cambridge. My dissertation project, supervised by Professor Richard Rex, involved transcribing and contextualising the c. 10,000-word sixteenth century manuscript dialogue 'The Banckett of John the Reve'. An edition of this research is now in print with the RHS Camden Series and is due to appear in a miscellany volume.
Much of my research has focused on early modern British religious and ecclesiastical history. More specifically, I am interested in all aspects of the Reformation in England and the Catholic experience in sixteenth and seventeenth century England. My research also engages with the political, cultural and social climate in early modern Britain.
'The Chalcedon Controversy and 17th Century Internecine Conflict', Religion and Conflict in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods, CSRC at NTU, June 2023.


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Key publications

The Banckett of John the Reve, unto Piers Ploughman, Laurens Laborer, Thomlyn Tailyor, and Hobb of the Hille with others (In print, awaiting a suitable Camden Miscellany Volume)