Jerome Gasson

PhD Candidate in Medieval History

I completed my BA in history at Girton College, Cambridge in 2020, with the dissertation topic of hairstyles in twelfth-century Britain. I then moved to Magdalene college for an MPhil in medieval history, focusing on fourteenth-century laws regulating diet (2021).

My doctoral research looks at agriculture and accounts, using the Clare estate in the fourteenth century as a case study. This work highlights how practices at the audit shaped farming strategies on medieval estates, in terms of how farm managers interacted with markets, what risks they took over cropping strategies and livestock numbers, and how they were rewarded for their work. There is an fascinating story to be told about conflict and corruption in and behind medieval accounts which economic historians have tended to downplay, but has important implications for how the relationships between agriculture, towns and the environment is understood.


Supervisor for Outline O2, Part Ia (mostly knowledgeable about the social and economic topics but happy to venture further afield)

Talks and Presentations

Regulating the Fashionable body before the Sumptuary Laws (Cambridge Food and Body Histories Workshop, 2021)

Dietary legislation and status in Fourteenth-Century England (Cornell Medieval Studies Student Colloquium, 2022)

Senses of Taste in the Household of Elizabeth de Burgh, 1317-60 (42nd Medieval and Renaissance Forum Student Colloquium, 2022)

Landlord Agriculture and Commercial Opportunities in Fourteenth-Century East Anglia (CAMPOP brown coffee, 2022)

Farm managers, Markets and Fraud in Fourteenth-Century England (Cambridge Medieval History Workshop, 2022)


Tags & Themes


Magdalene College, Cambridge, CB3 0AG


Key publications

My Chemistry Experiments for Clarinet and Piano was published by Queen's Temple Publications in 2018