Emily Rhodes

PhD Candidate in Early Modern History

I am a PhD candidate in Early Modern British History. My work examines petitions submitted by English, Welsh, and Irish mothers to the crown and courts from 1660 to c.1714. Through these petitions, I study the social, cultural, political and legal lives of early modern mothers and how they both perceived this identity and represented it to authority figures. My work is supervised by Dr. Elizabeth Foyster.

I completed my BA in History and French with a concentration in European Studies at Grinnell College (Iowa, USA) in 2019 and my MPhil in Early Modern History at the University of Cambridge in 2020. My MPhil dissertation was entitled 'Female Petitioning to Monarchs and the Criminal Process in England, 1660-1702'. This dissertation was awarded the Women's History Network's MA Dissertation Prize. 

Early modern political, social, legal and gender history; petitions; mercy; histories of crime and prisons; law reform; language and rhetoric; familial relationships; interactions between the monarch and the people; female monarchical image.


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