Emily Evans

PhD Candidate in History of Economic Thought
I completed by BA in Human, Social and Political Science in 2016 at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, followed by an MSc in Labour, Social and Development Studies at SOAS in 2017. I took some time away from academia to work in politics before returning to Cambridge to complete my MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History in 2019. My MPhil research focused on the economic thought of early members of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt in the 1920s.

My PhD research investigates the discursive relationships between Marxist economists and non-socialist economists in the German-speaking world in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. I focus on the places in which these ties were intellectually fruitful for both parties, for example at the University of Vienna in the 1920s, and on the periods in which these relationships crumbled. I hope to better understand the historical circumstances through which we inherited todays categories of economic thought.
Thesis title: German Economic Discourse and the Marxist Critique of Political Economy, 1844-1945.

Supervisor: Professor Joachim Whaley

I am interested more broadly in the history of German and British economic thought, in particular on the contribution of women economists in the nineteenth century. I am currently researching the role of the textbook form as a vehicle for publishing critical and original economic ideas in the history of women's economic thought.


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