Dr Moritz Mihatsch

Assistant Professor in World History
Bye-Fellow at Jesus College

Moritz A. Mihatsch is a global historian interested in nationalism, self-determination, and sovereignty. He has taught for many years at a variety of universities in the Middle East and North Africa.

He wrote his D.Phil. dissertation at the University of Oxford on political parties and the concept of nation in Sudan in the 1950s and 1960s. He is currently in process of completing a manuscript on the global history of sovereignty. His latest research focusses on decolonisation and epistemologies of global history at UNESCO.

As a member of the World History subject group, I provide lectures for Paper 21, 23 and Outlook Paper 6 and supervisions for Paper 23, Outlook Paper 10, as well as Part II Paper 28.  I also contribute to teaching in the MPhil in World History.

I welcome inquiries from prospective MPhil students who are interested to write a dissertation on a topic which is related to either a theme I am interested in (nationalism, decolonisation, sovereignty, knowledge production, and the politics of memory and commemoration), or broadly to African social and political history including both Sub-Saharan and North Africa.

I am currently supervising one MPhil dissertation on historians and schools of historiography in late-colonial and early post-colonial Singapore and Malaysia. At my previous institution I have supervised a wide variety of Bachelor dissertation on history and politics of Africa and Asia.


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Jesus College
Jesus Ln
Cambridge CB5 8BL


Edited Volumes:

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Articles and Chapters:

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